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The library will be closed tomorrow (August 27th). We will re-open at 8am on Monday the 29th.

We have a new episode of our Library Update Webcast. This episode features former AACA librarian Kim Miller Gardner. We discuss the history of the library and a little bit of her personal story as well.

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      1907 Thomas Flyer:

      This is the infamous 1907 Thomas Flyer that won the 1908 New York to Paris race. It was restored for Harrah’s Automobile Collection. Ralph Dunwoodie oversaw the restoration of this car (Dunwoodie can be seen in right of the car within each image). Dunwoodie worked for Harrah’s as a restorer, researcher and purchasing agent. He eventually left Harrah’s to provide independent automotive research services. Today, his extensive car research files are a part of the AACA Library’s collection and available for research. 


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