SAH – Dunwoodie Archives

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The SAH Dunwoodie Archives represent the research efforts of Ralph Dunwoodie — lead researcher for the Harrah Automobile Collection.  Primarily dealing with periodicals, the Dunwoodie collection serves as a master index to AACA’s 60,000 periodicals.

The Society of Automotive Historians was founded in Hershey Pennsylvania in 1969. We are an international organization with over 900 members scattered across the globe. The Society is an eclectic but serious community of historians that includes academic scholars, automotive journalists and publishers, museum and library professionals, educational and cultural organizations, car collectors and restorers, and enthusiasts.

SAH membership encourages research into any aspect of automotive history. They actively support the compilation and preservation of papers, organizational records, print ephemera and images to safeguard, broaden and deepen the understanding of motorized, wheeled land transportation through the modern age and into the future.

To reveal this history, SAH promotes the publishing of research findings in books, journals and conference papers. They support the efforts of educators to teach college level academic courses and those who introduce K-12 students to the panorama of automotive history.

For all members, the SAH provides camaraderie and the exchange of ideas, knowledge and data. The Society’s roster allows members to connect with others who have similar specialized interests.



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