Volunteer Opportunities

There are always projects and tasks here at the library that we would love to receive help on.  Whether it be cross referencing donated materials, dating photos, or assisting in re-arranging materials there is always something to do around here and any help we can get is greatly appreciated.

Some recently completed volunteer projects:

  • Sorting & dating literature donations
  • Digitizing magazine index sheets
  • Relocating collections within the library
  • Correcting online catalog entries
  • Contributing to AACA publications
  • Inventorying special collections
  • Organizing flat file cabinets
  • Display case development
  • General research assistance
  • Analyzing our 16mm film collection

If you are interested in volunteering please contact our Head Librarian Chris Ritter.

Email   –   Chris Ritter
Phone  –   (717) 534-2082
Mail     –   501 W. Governor Rd. Hershey, PA 17033.