About The Chris & Kathleen Koch
AACA Library & Research Center

Library Staff

Library Director: Jen Wolfe
Librarian & Cataloger: Matt Hocker
Reference Librarian: Amoi Goldman

We are the Library and Research Center for the Antique Automobile Club of America. Recognized as a world-renowned resource for the collectible vehicle community, we strive to continue setting the standard in celebrating, collecting, preserving and sharing automotive legacy.

Our collection contains books, sales literature, brochures, company documents, owner’s booklets, periodicals, service manuals and many more items all relating to the automotive industry and hobby. At the AACA Library & Research Center, we share your passion for the preservation of automotive history. We are open free to the public during our normal operating hours.

Our library is one of the largest and most honored libraries of its type in the world.  Currently we house about 3,000,000 individual items to help restorers and historians alike. We also house the collections of nine car clubs and organizations in our state-of-the-art facility. The library was formed in 1977 and merged with the Antique Automobile Club of America in January of 2008. The AACA promotes the preservation and enjoyment of automotive history of all types and is a 501 (C) (3) charitable organization. The club was formed in 1935 and is the oldest and largest car club in this country.


The interior of the building is split into 2 levels. Our main entry level features rotating exhibits, art displays, and antique cars.  We have a 1910 Brush, 1914 Metz, 1929 Harley Davidson, 1940 Ford Convertible Coupe and a 1965 Rice Quarter Midget race car are currently on display. A 1926 Dodge Brothers Sedan, 1927 Ford Model T, 1931 Ford Model A, 1936 Buick Roadmaster, 1941 Dodge Business Coupe and 1965 Lincoln Continental have recently been added to our collection and reside in off-site storage.

Our upper level contains our huge assortment of Periodicals and Magazines, The Hudson-Essex-Terraplane Historical Society Collection, and The Ralph Dunwoodie Archives, as well as our collection of automotive literature including sales brochures, service manuals,  reference books, owners manuals, special collections, shop manuals, marque specific books, and much more. Our main collection is housed in space saving movable stacks. This is reference material that has been donated as well as bought by the library for its value and use. Along with these files, there are flat files, card catalog and work centers for the staff as well as tables and chairs for those who have come in to do research.  Along side of the AACA collection sits the literature collections for several marque clubs that pay the library for storing their material and having it available to their membership.

The materials in our collection are very rare and valuable. Many of our holdings are irreplaceable.  To avoid accidental losses, purses, handbags, tote bags, briefcases, shopping bags, etc. are not permitted in the AACA Library. Please leave them in your car or check your bag at the desk.  Thank you for protecting our collection!

Summary of Central Research Room Rules:

Researchers may bring approved loose paper research notes, hand-held wallets, and coin purses into research rooms, but those items are subject to inspection when researchers enter or leave the research complex. Paper and pencils are provided to researchers. Researchers may not bring briefcases, backpacks, purses, boxes, or other large containers into the research rooms.

Lockers are available. The lockers are emptied nightly.

Below you will find a detailed list of what is and what is not allowed in the general research area.


  • Cameras, camcorders and tripods
  • Photographic copy stands (with approval)
  • Video tapes, audio tapes, and film
  • Scanners (only flatbed without auto feed and MUST receive staff approval)
  • Personal computers
  • CDs/DVDs
  • Small Eye Glass Cases

Not Allowed:

  • Food, drink (including water) candy, gum, cigarettes, E-Cigarettes, or any other tobacco products
  • Hand sanitizer, lotion
  • Envelopes, 3-ring notebooks, binders, folders, pens, markers or “Post-it” notes
  • Purses, fanny packs, briefcases, suitcases, handbags, backpacks, boxes, bags, equipment bags, or containers of any kind

Click here to view our full Library Use Policy

Library Committee Members

Don Barlup – – AACA Vice President National Headquarters
Keith Flickinger
Kim Gardner
Bill Hallman
Steve Heald
Steve Macnish
Marion McAlpine
Steve Moskowitz — AACA CEO
Bob Parrish
Jen Wolfe — AACA Library Director