At the Chris & Kathleen Koch AACA Library & Research Center, we share your passion for the preservation of automotive history.

Recognized as a world-renowned resource for the collectible vehicle community, we strive to continue setting the standard in celebrating, collecting, preserving and sharing automotive legacy. Our library opens its doors to everyone including archivists, authors, artists, business owners, collectors, club members, curators, entertainers, enthusiasts, filmmakers, historians, hobbyists, journalists, librarians, mechanics, professors, photographers, reporters, restorers, students and teachers. We are eager to welcome and assist you with your inquiries and research needs!

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Here are some examples of our vast and diverse collection

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We provide digital downloads or DVD copies of our Film, VHS, and DVD collections for AACA regions free of charge.

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From Alfred S. Lewrenz to the Present

Born in 1977 with the acquisition of the Alfred S. Lewrenz Collection and through the generous donations of patrons and friends, the AACA Library & Research Center collection and facility has grown into one of the leading automotive library and research centers in the world.  You will be amazed at the variety of reference information available from 1888 to the present day!