Yard Sale Video

AACA Library Update – VideoCast 01

Here is the first installment of a new series we’ve wanted to get off the ground for a while now. We will be doing these little update videocasts from time to time to keep everybody up to date with the library. We will be discussing new acquisitions, auctions, collections, and even have guests from time to time. Today’s episode contains an interview with recent intern Ryan Bollinger as we discuss the time he spent with us. We also discuss the new Don O’Reilly Racing Collection, updates on the kinograph film scanner, our recent tour groups from the Buick Club of America, as well as auction and sale updates.

The Yard sale is back Jack!

We will be hosting it’s 3rd annual Yard Sale. It will feature sales literature, advertisements, books, and other car memorabilia at friendly prices. Join us on October 4th, 2016 at The AACA Library.  501 W. Governor Rd in Hershey, PA 17033. It will run from 4pm – 7pm.